Establish A Presence

Get in front of your customers by leveraging the right social media and marketing channels!

It is critical to build and maintain awareness for your brand. 

You need to have professional writers, graphic designers, web designers, content creators, and a Marketing Business Plan, but you probably don't need all of these people all of the time.

Painted Lemur Studios can provide you with dedicated staff to work with your sales teams and executives to ensure that your marketing messages are broadcast in the most effective social channels. In addition to having a dedicated team member, you will have access to specialists - technical marketing writers, graphic designers, layout specialists, social media gurus, marketers, and business mentors - that can be sourced and utilized at a moments notice. This will ensure that you will receive a broad set of marketing skills on an as-needed basis; for example, if you need a graphic designer only once a month or quarter, the costs of having this person on board is not carried by you.

Having one marketing team to communicate your message keeps it cohesive and consistent.

Painted Lemur Studios will work with your company to ensure your company reaches the levels you envision.

Painted Lemur's goal is to help companies compete on a more even playing field, by allowing small and mid-sized companies to have access to experienced marketers without the massive overhead that those resources would carry.

Marketing Out-sourcing for a monthly fee

Painted Lemur Studios can provide either complimentary social sales and marketing resources or can take care of all of your marketing needs. 

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