Painted Lemur showed us how to reach [our prospects] earlier in their buying cycle, influence their decision making, and qualify them as a lead, all through social sales and marketing techniques.

What impressed about PLS was their understanding of the shift we had been seeing in the marketplace. Prospects were shifting towards contacting us much later in their buying process than previously, and already had gathered a lot of information from competitors.


Wanted to share with you that while on an introductory call this evening, a prospect mentioned that they liked what they saw from us online and that we had a very robust social media presence.  They said that despite this being the first time we had talked, they felt like they had an idea on the depth of our knowledge.

We are in the early phases of working with Painted Lemur Studios. So far they have delivered a content-rich website that will be the basis for future sales and marketing campaigns. We are looking forward to generating new opportunities through their social sales and marketing efforts and are already starting to see the results.

Managing Director

As Provo's most established boat charter and fishing excertion company, we were hearing from travel agents that we needed to update our website to attract tourists. Painted Lemur Studios really worked with us to understand our business and customer and designed an inviting website that really represents who we are and what we do. Their tireless efforts have helped attract more customers and we highly recommend them!