Small Business

As your organization starts to grow and gain traction in the marketplace, it is vitally important to formalize your sales and marketing. The Small Business Program is designed to firmly establish a connection to your customers.

Are you gaining traction in the market? Is it time to get dedicated sales and marketing to help you grow?

92% of buyers base their decisions on peer recommendations, not advertising. Awareness and mind share leads to sales.

By the time a potential customer contacts a vendor, they are more than half way through their buying journey! Social Sales and Marketing for small businesses is critical in order to get first-choice consideration in the buying decision process.

The Small Business Program has a content-based core, meaning that you are educating your target market up front. Consumers are making buying decisions based on their own research. Advertising convinces only 14% of consumers to act, while 92% of consumers are influenced by peer recommendations, so it's vital to get others talking about your products and services.

Each social activity is directly related to one or more conversion paths, providing insightful analytics about your prospective customers, ensuring that customers interested in your products and services are able to get the information they need to make an informed decision, without being "sold." More importantly, the conversion paths are closely monitored, so we can optimize your sales and marketing activities, while being aware of who is on a buying journey long before they ever contact you.

Full Time Outsourcing of your Marketing

As a small business, it is important to make every dollar stretch as far as possible. You can spend those dollars on one individual who can try to do everything a sales and marketing department should do. Or, you can have a team of experienced social sales and marketing people working for you. 

The Small Business Program provides experienced people in all of the social sales and marketing roles, but you only pay for them when you need them - technical marketing writers, social managers, website administrators, and even an Executive Advisor to make ensure that your social sales and marketing efforts are aligned to your business goals and the market. This means your Social Sales and Marketing will be done by a group of experienced professionals, all for the cost of one employee.

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