Working long hours with a lean team, focused on delivering the best in the market with a limited budget, but no one knows who you are yet?!

Does that sound like you? We can help!

Are you launching your product? Trying to establish yourself in the market? Bootstrapping, or first round funding? This is the sales and marketing program for you!

In a small company, it is hard to justify the cost of experienced Marketing staff, so Marketing is allocated to whoever is available to handle it at the time. And let's face it, who has the time?

If you want to achieve sales through your social sales and marketing efforts, you will need to dedicate resources to define measurable goals, effectively navigate the social channels (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Instagram, etc.), and determine the best way to turn your marketing efforts into prospective customers.

Startup Program

You really want to have experienced individuals doing your social sales and marketing, but probably cannot afford them right now. Or can you? With the Startup Program, you can have senior individuals performing your social sales and marketing tasks, all for the cost of hiring one junior person who most likely won't have the rounded skill set you really need. 

We start with a senior executive experienced in startup management to help you plan your social sales and marketing efforts (the PLS KickStart). Then, depending what is identified in the PLS KickStart report, we will help you with your website, collateral, set up and communication through social channels, create short videos, etc., all with the focused goal of attracting customers to your website, building up a following, and increasing your sales.

In the Startup Program, we will review your current social presence, deliver a recommendations report for your social sales and marketing efforts, help you establish a core foundation of social media presence, and begin the process of engaging new customers.

PLS KickStart - Business review and Social blueprint development
Brochure, White Paper, Blog, Video
Startup Social Baseline
Posts on Social sites based on the collateral made, multiplying each month
Business Mentoring

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