Attract Customers

Get your sales moving by attracting and interacting with your customers!

Marketing results should be measured in leads and sales.

Unfortunately, marketing is usually one of the last investments an organization makes. Money is typically prioritized for Product Development/Engineering, Administration, Finance, Sales, Management, Production, etc. As a result, the marketing function is usually an afterthought, which one of the other departments picks up as a secondary function until such time as "the marketing person" can be hired. What you really need is a marketing team.

Identifying opportunities, engaging potential customers, developing awareness, generating leads - these are the core functions of a marketing engine. Depending on your organization's goals and priorities, the marketing engine must be tuned and maintained to deliver results and drive your business growth.

How can we justify spending dollars on marketing when we are just starting out, or when we are just holding on?

This is a common sentiment among smaller organizations. The reality is that marketing is crucial to success. The old saying "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door" is only possible if the world knows about it! 

Investment in marketing is more than just hiring people - it's about establishing a brand and associated standards for recognition. It's about identifying your target market and establishing a conversation with it to build awareness. Finally, it's about identifying opportunities that turn into real leads and paying customers. You cannot correlate "Likes" and "Followers" to revenue. You can measure the return-on-investment on your marketing dollars by the number of leads and the amount of sales it generates.

Build In-house or Fully Out-source Marketing

Painted Lemur Studios specializes in establishing full marketing programs within both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) organizations selling products, services, or both. If you don't already have a marketing department, but know you need to create one, we can get your marketing efforts started and help you transition them to marketing employees (which we can help you hire) or simply turn-key your marketing efforts as an out-sourced marketing agency.

Either way, you could be generating new business quickly, growing your business steadily with new customers.

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