Painted Lemur Studios Selected For Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Fund to Develop Esports Platform

Lynda Woloszyn, President and CEO, is pleased to announce that Painted Lemur Studios successfully participated in the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Fund. The company received an investment to develop a new studio dedicated to the evolving esports market - eSports Revolution(R).

The fund was part of the first-ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, a $2-billion investment that represents Canada’s commitment to advancing women’s economic empowerment. It was funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

Don’t Touch Me - Inform Me

Don't Touch Me

I recently saw a description of a B2B social forum that stated,

“the socially except-able way is to touch your prospects 6 times but only the 6th touch can be an advertisement about you, your company and/or your solution(s)”.

Ignoring the obvious, and ironic, misspelling, one needs to ask: what should the other five touches be?

“…send them relevant articles about changes in their industry or significant trends that are accruing.”


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